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WhatsApp's privacy policy outlines how the messaging platform collects, uses, and safeguards user data. It collects basic information like phone numbers, device information, and transaction data. This information is primarily used to facilitate communication and deliver services effectively.
WhatsApp employs end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages and calls remain private, preventing unauthorized access, including from WhatsApp itself.
The platform also shares data with its parent company, Facebook, to enhance the user experience, personalize content, and improve security. This has raised concerns about data sharing and user privacy.
WhatsApp does not store messages on its servers after delivery and offers features like disappearing messages to enhance user privacy.
Users have control over their data through privacy settings, allowing them to choose who can see their information and who can contact them. WhatsApp emphasizes that it doesn't sell user data to third parties.
Overall, WhatsApp strives to balance the need for data sharing with user privacy concerns. It's important to regularly review the privacy policy to stay informed about any changes, as they may impact how your data is handled.

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