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Try our new Cheese Blast!

Pizza Slice, Full Pizza Pie in 3 sizes, Pasta


Vegetarian: Cheese, Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom, Olive, Paneer, Jalapeno, Corn, Red Paprika

Non - Vegetarian: Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Ball, Mutton Keema, Pepperoni

Light Eats

Garlic Bread with Cheese or with any Veg / Non Veg Topping


Try our new Mocktails!
Available in Drinks Monster Fizz (Ginger/ Lemon) Strawberry, Cumin Spicy, Green apple, Mojito Mint, Blue Curacao and Soft Drinks.

What's New

New & improved

Chicago Pizza Kit!

Cheese blast 9" base launched!

New outlet at

Okhla Fortis Hospital

Gurugram Fortis Hosptial

Gurugram Accenture

Okaya Sec-62 - Noida

Kumar Para Guwahati - Asaam

Opening Soon

CP Omax MALL - Noida

Green Boulevard Sec-62 - Noida

Platinum - Gurugram

Naptune Mall - Mumbai

Varanasi - UP